Top 10 International Internship 2024 for 11th and 12th Students

International Internship opportunities for 11th and 12th students who are enrolled or pass their relevant qualification and looking to get internship in most reputed international companies so its too easy and there a alots of benefits to start careers with following institutions. There is very tough for early pass out students to get dream jobs with zero experience Many of students don’t know how to make a cv for first job due to lack of knowledge in careers journey.

Top 10 International Internship 2024 for 11th and 12th Students
Top 10 International Internship 2024 for 11th and 12th Students

If you want to get your dream post so you must need to gain some experience from will organized companies so if suggest you to apply for international internship program where are alots of chance to get paid internship.

Due to less competition in internship students can get easily careers direction under highly trained staff. The available opportunities for both male and females who belong to any country. This internship will not be specific for limited duration if any student well perform during internship company will offer for permanent employment and even if you do not choose to return, the experience on your resume gives you an edge over other students when you are in your third year, and could potentially make you a more favorable candidate.

This program specially design for first year and second years students. The complete details of international internship program fully describe at this page.

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Details of International Internship Program – paid internships abroad

Internship Offered ByDifferent Companies in Abroad
Internship Available InPak,India,USA,UK,Canada and Others
Who can apply?Male/Female
Age Limit24 years
Duration8-16 Weeks
DomicileAny Province
Total Seats500

List of Companies Offers International Internship

  • Google STEP intern:
  • Amazon Internship
  • Explore Microsoft
  • Facebook University
  • Google Summer of Code
  • Twitter Academy
  • Bank of America
  • Palantir Path
  • Two Sigma Freshman Software Engineering Internship
  • Outreachy

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for International Internship

  • Only 11 and 12th Class students are eligible to apply
  • Equal Opportunities for male and females
  • Students have good English communication skills
  • Applicant must have excellent qualification background
  • No experienced required to apply

 Explore Microsoft

  • This is 12 week, paid internship
  • 1st and 2nd-year students can apply
  • The job consists of completing a group project with other explore interns
  • Competitive pay, relocation, training, transportation
  • Being in computer science/engineering major is not required. As long as you have done one intro-level CS course, you are eligible.

Google STEP intern:

  • 12 week, paid internship
  • 1st and 2nd-year students only
  • The job consists of completing a challenging technical project
  • Gain access to tech talks by Googlers and receive coaching and mentorship.
  • Should have done one or two intro-level CS course before joining.

Google Summer of Code

  • This is 10-week global internship program
  • focused on introducing students to open source software development.
  • Students work on a programming project with an open-source organization
  • Any student over the age of 18 is eligible

Facebook University

  • 10 week, paid internship
  • 1st and 2nd-year students only
  • helps students know Facebook’s people, products, and services
  • Has 3 subsections: Engineering, Analytics, and Product Design
  • Engineering interns do three weeks of mobile development training in iOS or Android followed by five weeks of hands-on experience.
  • Analytics interns learn about roles in data engineering and data science followed by hands-on experience by working on data-intensive analysis for a product or business at Facebook.
  • Product Design interns spend a week in training followed by seven weeks of hands-on experience working on interaction design and visual design for a Facebook product.

Twitter Academy

  • 12-week paid summer internship
  • Historically underrepresented second-year computer science students.
  • Applications open up in the fall.

Bank of America: Global Technology Freshman Summer Analyst Program

  • Provides you with a valuable analytical-based work experience focused on the financial markets that will give you true insight into life as an investment banker or markets professional.
  • Supported by mentors
  •  First-year students are eligible to apply only.
  • A similar program for 2nd-year students is called Bank of America: Global Technology Sophomore Summer Analyst Program

Two Sigma Freshman Software Engineering Internship

  • First-year students only.
  • 10 week-long
  • You will work with Two Sigma employees and other interns on software engineering projects, receiving technical training and mentorship to help you deliver professional software in a real-world setting.
  • You should have completed at least two Computer Science courses by the end of your second semester.

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Palantir Path

  • Second and third-year students
  • 10 to 12-week internship
  • Work alongside full-time engineers and analysts, interacting with clients and making decisions that have a lasting impact on their business.


  • Students 18 years and older
  • For women (both cis and trans), trans men, non-binary people, and gender queer people.
  • 12 week-long


Startups can be great places to start building your software engineering experience, especially as a first/second-year student. I’d recommend finding jobs locally

How to Apply?

Those 11th and 12th students who want to get international internship in above mention companies may visit official websites to submit online applications.After review the application candidates will contact by company for further process.

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  • i am a intermediate studen. i have too much interst in field f computer . i also learn C language and html also now i learn CSS after that i have plan to leans about java subscript. i want to get internship to work hard and get the job in google insahlllah.


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